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Transforming workplaces,

"Together, we can do anything". This motto fuels our core values and builds our story in helping to make your workplace happier and healthier. 

A few key milestones


We were founded by Dujon Zivic, a passionate advocate for enhancing 



Started offering onsite flu vaccinations with supplier partners


Entered in a long term partnership with DXC & Nokia


We rebranded to align better with our customers and offerings.


Founded to address the lack of accountable employee benefits in Australia, Anista designs, delivers and measures programs that enhance your employment offering and human capital wealth, all while putting as many smiles on your people as possible. 

We specialise in making your employees feel good, your company look great and you, the initiator, shine.

From on site flu vaccinations and yoga sessions, through to mortgage assistance packages and insurances, we can tailor programs to help your people and business thrive.

Together, we can create opportunities to increase productivity, add to your reputation as an employer of choice, and secure employee loyalty. Doesn't that make you want to smile?

Each program we develop is as unique as the company it’s created for and can incorporate any number of Health Services, Financial or Group Insurance offerings.


As part of our Group Health Insurance service, we offer:

  • Voluntary and Subsidised programs

  • A Managed Excess facility

  • Supplementary Health Services including flu

    vaccinations and other wellbeing initiatives.


We choose to remain unaffiliated with any insurance provider so that our selection of your benefits is unbiased and your program is 100% tailored to your needs.

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Ready to be better together?

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