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 Under-resourced, and overwhelmed? We can help.

Anista becomes your bridge in creating and implementing valuable benefits programs that both your employees and your CFO will smile about. Really.


We listen and work together to:

+Identify your unique organisational workplace wellbeing needs.


+Assess existing benefits offerings.

+Strategise offerings and align with a provider support network.


We design cost effective benefits with maximum impact by:


+Aligning to business objectives and developing a process plan.

+Sourcing sponsorships and additional benefits little to no cost to you!

+Creating a communication strategy to ensure employees are aware of their benefits.


We measure value and success by:


+Tracking analytics data with simple tools to measure participation and engagement with programs.

+Setting up weekly reporting that incorporats extensive metrics on all our programs including uptake, usage and ROI on initiatives.

+Evaluating, reviewing and refine our strategy.


We deliver innovative solutions by:


+Developing client-specific admin/ HR portals, reporting tools, newsletters, wellness hub content and more.

+Establishing feedback loops to ensure employees value the programs and that they are happy with the provider services.

+Creating online portals to make it easy for employees to access and engage with programs.

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Want to create Employee Benefit Programs
at no cost to your employer?

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