As we celebrate our nation's special day today, let's renew our pledge to uphold our national identity, one of friendship, loyalty, openness, and giving it a CRACK!

Here are 2 short YouTube clips into nurturing and building stronger, more meaningful friendships.

“As a society, we’ve gotten better at making separations between best friends and other types of friends. There are certain things that they do for each other that makes them a little more special.”

“We make small, intentional mindset and action-based shifts every day that help us build those strong, healthy, satisfying relationships with both our partners, our family members, and our friends.”

On this special day, we all ask you to give your family and closest friends a big “virtual” hug and thank them for bringing greater meaning to your life.

Here's to celebrating and giving thanks to the freedom we enjoy, the bountiful resources (food, wine, beaches and bush) we have access to and the people around us.

From the crew at Anista Employee Benefits! 😃