Whether you’re looking to subsidise the cost or provide access to the unique benefits that corporate insurance products provide – reduced rates, added features and benefits, better coverage, superior service and support – Anista can develop a program that meets your needs.

Life insurance

Put the minds of your employees and their families at ease with the knowledge that if something should happen to them, their families would be financially secure.

Health insurance

The increasing costs of healthcare combined with government regulations makes private health insurance a near necessity.

Income protection/salary continuance

Why feel helpless on learning an employee is seriously sick or injured when you can offer them income protection whilst they are unable to work.


Trauma insurance bridges the gap between income protection and life insurance, providing your employee cover if they suffered from a listed medical condition that prevents them from working for an extended period of time, such as a heart attack or stroke.

Spouse cover

Another way to show you really care about the wellbeing of your employee and their family is to include spouse cover as part of your employee benefit offering.

Travel insurance

Whether your employees require travel insurance for business or leisure, Anista can obtain the best rates for your company.


How would you react to the news that one of your staff members had cancer?

Paul has been the Storeman at the company for nearly 18 years. A funny guy and always ready to lend a helping hand, Paul is who you depend on to keep all the equipment and stationery on track, sort out the company vehicles and keep the paperwork under control.

He’d been looking tired lately, probably because of the department location reshuffles and helping to move all those desks and filing cabinets. Still, Paul has two weeks holiday in just under one month’s time, so with a rest he’ll be as right as rain.

On the Tuesday after Paul returns from holiday, he asks to see you. He tells you that he received test results from his doctor yesterday and that he has pancreatic cancer with secondary cancers found in his liver.

You are listening – but what can you say?

He goes on. The new cancer treatment which gives him the best chance of survival is not free. Instead of resting, he has spent the past 2 weeks tidying up his house so that he can sell it to pay for the $42,000 worth of new chemo drugs. He hasn’t told his workmates yet – not sure how they will react.

Now you do know what to say.

You can organise a cheque for $50,000 for Paul to cover his cancer treatment sessions, and you can help to reassure the rest of the staff that your company will do everything it can to support Paul and all its employees.

You can’t cure his cancer, but you can take the pressure off Paul, and let him and his workmates know that the company cares about its staff – in good times and bad.

If you didn’t have an Anista Employee Benefits Program in place, what would you do?

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