An unhealthy workforce can adversely affect productivity and work culture. Inject a healthy dose of well being into your workplace with a wide range of health benefits.

Please note: Similar to our other services, Anista partners with a number of accredited and well respected Health Service professionals, to both deliver leading edge treatments and programs, but also provide you, the HR Manager, with a unified approach to your Employee Benefit Program.

Executive health checks

Help your executives stay fit and healthy by implementing an executive health check program.


Reduce absenteeism in your workplace with tailored programs to address this business cost.

Flu vaccinations

Maintain the health of your employees (and their families) and prevent a reduction in productivity caused by absenteeism and presenteeism by implementing a flu vaccinations program.

Online services/assessment

Get your workplace in superfit condition with easy to access health and lifestyle risk appraisals.

Stress management

Stress management programs can actively help reduce stress related illnesses and issues including lost productivity, increased absenteeism, workers compensation claims and decreased corporate profits. Anista can help tailor the perfect program.

Weight loss

Beating the bulge is not an easy thing to do despite the health risks caused from being overweight. Improve the health of your workforce by offering employees the opportunity to participate in weight loss programs.

Home support

A healthy home helps makes a happy heart. Take the domestic stress out of the lives of your employees by offering them assistance with housework, childcare or garden maintenance.

Quit smoking program

Smoking not only weakens an employee’s wellbeing it also costs your company money. Implementing a quit smoking program for your employees therefore makes good business sense as well being a healthy decision.

How much more productive could your workers be if, through an Anista Employee Benefits Program, their health could be improved?


You’ve just been told by the Chief Financial Officer that there’s no budget allocated to implement a program to improve low morale. What do you do??

Christine is a HR Manager responsible for 100 employees with low morale. The company has been experiencing the effects of an economic downturn and a number of redundancies have recently been made. Productivity is down, absenteeism is up, and she is having trouble attracting good talent for a few highly specialised roles that, once filled, will really reduce the strain on the immediate workforce.

Christine wanted to implement a program to boost morale and attract top performers. Unfortunately, her argument that such a program would increase productivity and reduce the bottom line had been met with cynicism by the board – they wanted quantifiable proof before allocating budget.

Luckily, Christine has just been to an Employer of Choice seminar where she bumped into a friend who she’d been at uni with. Her friend had explained that until recently they were experiencing similar problems. That was before they had sought help from Employee Benefits specialist, Anista, who tailored a program that addressed all their objectives.

Anista was making her life easier by not only taking care of program promotion but also by providing detailed weekly reports and analytics that tracked the success of the program – leaving her to focus on staff development. What’s more, Anista structured the program so that it wasn’t costing her company a cent.

After speaking to Anista, Christine actually looked forward to addressing the company board. She informed them that not only was she going to implement a program to improve morale, she was going to save the company money by doing so and best of all it wouldn’t cost them a cent.

Isn’t time you looked at making your Employee Benefits program work for you? Anista helped Christine and we can help you too.

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