Anista offers a range of financial employee benefits that improve your employees’ quality of life.

Healthy Mortgage Check

A mortgage can be the single biggest monthly expense on an employee and their family, so wouldn't it be helpful if we could find a way to reviewing their mortgage arrangements at work.

Financial advice

While most people would welcome sound financial advice, it’s generally considered too difficult, time consuming and costly to consider. This is what makes rewarding your employees with the best financial advice even better. They’ll not only appreciate the time you’ll save them on searching for the best advice, they’ll love the potential wealth creation.

Home budgeting

Budgeting is generally considered an arduous task that’s best avoided. Sadly, a good budget can really benefit an individual and reduce their financial stress.


With superannuation regulations constantly changing and the marketplace evolving, it’s hard for individuals to keep on top of the management of their superannuation.

Remuneration packaging

Discover how you can make your employment offering more attractive.


What has your company’s bank done for your employees lately?

When negotiating terms with your local bank for favourable conditions for your employees:

  • How do you make the spouses of your employees aware of the conditions?
  • Is the information communicated and reinforced to your people at salary review?
  • Are spouses invited to information sessions when a new employee commences to learn about all of your benefits?
  • Are your suppliers actively promoting your brand and the benefits of being employed by your company?

What ongoing benefits and opportunities are your company, its employees, and their families (and even your shareholders) missing out on by not having an Anista Employee Benefits Program?

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