HR are always on the look out for ways and means to better engage with their teams, employees and managers. Here is a quick 30 minute video from LinkedIn Learning I thought you may be interested in. I know you will get some value from this.

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From LinkedIn Learning

The central task of leaders and managers is to help their people perform at their best and contribute the most. In this course, join #1 New York Times best-selling author Daniel Pink as he shares science-backed methods for effectively motivating others. With his trademark clarity, Pink distills the crucial research on human motivation. And he shares practical takeaways in the three key areas lead to enduring high performance: autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Pink teaches a group exercise to help surface your team’s purpose, then shows you how to create a sense of connection. He explains the secrets of effective feedback and how to promote progress using simple 90-second practices. And since offering employees space to make small changes in their jobs can dramatically boost engagement, Pink walks you through how to carve out small islands of autonomy to spark your team’s innovation and deepen their commitment.

Content Outline

The power of motivation with Daniel Pink

1. The Science of Motivation

  • Fifty years of science in 90 seconds
  • Yes, money matters, just not how you think
  • Purpose, mastery, autonomy

2. Purpose

  • Making a difference vs. making a contribution
  • Whose purpose is it, anyway?
  • Turning how conversations into why conversations
  • Building belonging

3. Mastery

  • Progress rituals
  • Weekly one-on-ones with a twist
  • Feedback is recognition and recognition is feedback

4. How to promote autonomy

  • Job crafting and self-managed teams
  • Monotony, drift, burnout, and flow
  • An autonomy audit
  • Ship it days and genius hours

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