Follow these 6 simple steps

Everyone wants to feel happy. The problem is, too often, that we let our busy lives get in the way.

Most of us are suffering from information overload: the amount of material we need to read just for work, our smart phones beeping every time someone has a random thought and feels the need to share, Facebook, keeping our LinkedIn profile up to date…where does it end?

Well, there are six simple steps you can practise every day that will clear your head and improve your wellbeing

1. Do a good deed every day.

This doesn’t have to be a big thing. It’s about looking for the difference you can make in someone’s life that day – something that only you could have done. It’s the random act of kindness (and you don’t have to donate a kidney). An example: You see someone getting on your bus who only has a $20 note to pay for her fare, the bus driver doesn’t have change and the passenger is obviously distressed. You have the change; pay for her fare. Be aware of the opportunity to help. Look around you; if you’re the only person who’s noticed, then it’s you that the universe expects to help. When you notice that opportunity, don’t miss it; it may be the only chance you have all day.

2. Love everyone.

You don’t have to like everyone all the time but love them for who they are – even if they annoy you. Never wish anyone ill. (For more on universal love, check out this inspiring article from UTNE Reader about love in Vietnam.)

3. Be creative.

Arrange flowers, paint, build the best swimming pool in your neighbourhood, help your child with a project, take up pottery or knitting or sewing or singing. Not only will you feel more fulfilled, but also, you give your brain a holiday from the daily grind of work and family responsibilities.

4. Look for one ‘magic moment’ every day.

Notice the sunrise or the sunset, notice the clouds, notice the musician busking at the station, the smile of a stranger. See how beautiful the world is and appreciate that you’re in it.

5. Have a goal.

We all need something to aim for – a degree, a home, to complete an artwork, to improve our relationships. Work towards something, then you always know where you’re headed and feel a sense of purpose.

6. Love your job.

“Find something you love to do, and you'll never work a day in your life.”

– Harvey MacKay. Do your work with joy.

Try to be mindful of these six ‘rules’ and practise for a week. You’ll notice that you’re calmer and less anxious, and feel more of a sense of purpose – and happy.