Why you should choose Anista over the next Employee Benefits Program provider? Here’s why.

Our programs are unique

By combining our experience, quality supplier network and economies of scale with an innovative online delivery system, we are able to provide cost effective employee benefits with maximum impact. It’s this impact that reinforces a positive image of your company in the market and the advantages and benefits of working for you to your employees.

Add value to your bottom line

It may surprise you, but Anista’s Employee Benefits programs do not necessarily incur a cost to your company. In actual fact they can reduce your bottom line. As Employee Benefits specialists, we structure programs that not only create a nurturing, enjoyable employee experience but also meet the financial demands of a successful business. Sounds too good to be true? We’re not – we’re just very good at what we do.

Increase staff engagement

We don’t just deliver your program, we shout about it and we want your employees to too. Our sophisticated online communications system ensures that your staff are kept informed about all program initiatives and are encouraged to participate. They can also provide feedback on the program via the specially designed program intranet.

Save time – we do the legwork for you

Why spend precious time researching and sourcing Employee Benefits when we can do it for you? As specialists in health, financial and insurance benefits we have in-depth knowledge of the marketplace and can quickly identify the benefits that best meet your needs.

Measure the immeasurable

Many Employee Benefits programs fail to win over critics because the results aren’t measurable and their value can’t be clearly demonstrated. Not at Anista! We provide you with weekly reports incorporating extensive metrics on all our programs including uptake, usage and ROI on initiatives.

Increase productivity

Employee health and well being programs have been found to dramatically reduce absenteeism, resignations and business interruptions. They have also been proven to positively influence system improvements and product refinements, and increase morale, motivation and general wellbeing in the workplace.

Secure employee loyalty

Recognising and rewarding good performance is critical in retaining a talented workforce. Employee Benefits programs address some of the reasons why your people choose to look elsewhere.

Improve your Employer of choice status

Be seen as an Employer of Choice innovator. A quintessential ingredient to the success of Employer of Choice companies is having an effective employee benefits program in place. By improving your Employer of Choice rating, you not only increase your attractiveness to top performers but also reduce staff turnover and the associated costs. You will also benefit from receiving good press coverage.

Increase your brand value

Having a positive workforce will reflect in everything your employees do, both within the work environment and outside it. Happy employees can be your best advocates; promoting the values of your company and its offering and increasing loyalty amongst your clients and prospects.

We are motivated by your best interests

As a specialist in Employee Benefits, our objective is to ensure the integrity and quality of your Employee Benefits program are not compromised. Unlike other Employee Benefits organisations, which are often affiliated with health, financial or insurance providers or sell their own products, we are unbiased in our identification and selection of your Employee Benefits. The result? A program which is 100% tailored to your needs.

Whatever your objectives we can help you achieve them

Each program we develop is unique to the company that it is being created for. We incorporate only the best products and services in our programs and continually monitor and review the results to ensure they evolve with your employee base and business.

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