Our role is to ensure that your company delivers an excellent Employee Benefits program that is relevant, tailored to suit, and provides superior products and services.

We Listen

In developing your program we take the time to understand your business; the environment in which you operate, your employee demographic and the objectives you wish to achieve. We then collate this information into a detailed report and discuss it with you before taking the next step.

We Develop

Once we understand your needs, we develop your program. We search for the best products and services to feature in your program and then negotiate further so you receive the best terms. The findings from our research are then collated and analysed, and presented to you with our recommendations.

We Deliver

Even the best program can come undone if it’s not delivered smoothly. To ensure your success is not short lived, we will help you launch, monitor and maintain your Employee Benefits program.

First we create a home for your program: an online information portal that gives your employees access to everything they need to know about the benefits.

Next, we promote the program. We want your employees to know about all the great things you’re doing for them – after all it’s not a benefit if your employees don’t know about it. Working closely with your team and the Employee Benefit provider, e.g. the Insurance fund, we will launch the program and then conduct ongoing promotional campaigns to raise and maintain program awareness.

Lastly, we measure the results. We want to make sure the program is achieving your objectives and is financially successful. Via the online portal, we monitor feedback, measure results and ensure your employees are receiving the best service possible. The results are then reported back to you on a weekly basis. We also actively implement improvements based on this information so your program constantly evolves with your business.

We Review

Each year we conduct a review of your program to ensure you and your employees are getting the very best in benefits. The review process includes analysing the program results, your objectives, any shifts in your business environment or employee demographics and the products and services available in the market.

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