Many Employee Benefits programs fail to win over critics because their value can’t be clearly demonstrated or tracking the outcomes is too costly. As a result, employee benefits are often the first things cut when budgets are tightened, exacerbating low morale.

This is where Anista out performs. We want to make your life easier, not just your employees’. All our programs incorporate an online delivery system that provides a home for your program as well as extensive data on the utilisation of benefits. Features of the system include:

Program Central

Access your program information and monitor the effectiveness of your Employee Benefits via a centralised administration portal. Program Central includes:

  • Task Management – collaborate with Anista, monitor projects within the program and alert Anista of any outstanding issues.
  • Event Management – review scheduled program events via an easy to use interface.
  • HR Administration – Obtain extensive metrics including graphs and statistics on program activity, participant demographics and portal traffic.

Program Central also enables you to notify Anista of changes to participants’ details and reconcile these changes against supplied listings.


Gauge the level of success for any benefit or aspect of its delivery e.g. launch, promotion etc utilsing quantitative and qualitative data.

Weekly eNewsletter

Each week you will receive a program report incorporating detailed metrics on uptake, usage, participation trends, intranet traffic and ROI on initiatives. The eNewsletter will also list incomplete tasks and upcoming events.

Employee portal

Where would your program be without a home? Anista will create an intranet portal for your program that will include benefit information, a calendar of events, well being articles, newsletter opt-ins and feedback channels.

Our delivery system operates via your internet browser and features encrypted security. This means that it’s easy to use, there are no set up costs and your confidential data is secure.

Be seen as proactive in the development and management of your employee benefit initiatives and silence your toughest critics.