Anista works alongside Human Resource and Remuneration Benefit Managers to help design, deliver and measure employee benefits that are tangible, engaging, valued by employees and appreciated by their family.

There's no one size fits all nor an off the shelf package/program. As individuals we all a little bit different, unique, even quirky. Same goes for an orgainsiation, each has their own own culture, demographic profile and management style.

We acknowledge that benefits alone can not change an organisations culture, but it sure can enhance it!, by creating opportunites to demonstrate and recognise your employees value to your organisation.

Be it free annual Onsite/offsite Flu Vaccinations, Health Checks, life saving Skin Checks,  Onsite Yoga classes, Remedial Massage, etc these are all opportunites. Great opportunities to foster matship/camaraderie amongst employees. Not to mention somethinh to talk about at diner with the family.

It's about creating a true work-life-balance scenario.

Who is Anista?

Founded by me, Dujon Zivic in 2008. A proud father of 4 children, based in Sydney and the NSW Central Coast, and a keen Sim Racer. I saw a need to help Human Resource and Benefts Manager address the lack of accountable and engagment traditional employee benefit programs offer.

Our approach:

  1. Identify and deliver benefits that are tangible, relevant and easily accessible
  2. Partner likeminded delivery partners (vendors), but existing and new
  3. Create a communication strategy to ensure employees are aware of these benefits.
  4. Establish feedback mechanisim to ensure employees value thes benefits and delivery partners provide the necessary support to create the “Waw factor”!

and yes, lets address the elephant in the room. Make both your Chief Financial Officer and HR Director look good !

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