Anista designs, delivers and measures employee benefit programs that enhance your employment offering and human capital wealth.

As an innovator in the market, our programs not only attract and retain top performers, they also touch the lives of your employees’ support crews – their families – to create a true work-life balance.

Who is Anista?

Founded by Dujon Zivic to address the lack of accountable employee benefits programs available in Australia, Anista’s objectives are threefold:

Design programs that are relevant, accessible and easy to use for all employees.
Deliver programs where the results and return on investment can be measured.

Make both the Chief Financial Officer and HR Director look good… We do this by applying a customer-focused, tailored approach that incorporates extensive market intelligence, strategic partnerships and state of the art delivery systems.

What can we do for you?

Anista can help you structure, develop and implement your Employee Benefits program. Our offering incorporates health, insurance and financial assistance products and services.

We understand that a happy home helps make a happy employee and a happier workplace. We also know that the reverse is true. Therefore when we create your Employee Benefits program, we don’t just consider the company and your employees, we also have their families and your customers in mind.

Our custom designed programs can help you:

  • Retain and build loyalty amongst employees, their families and the community
  • Attract new, high calibre people to your organisation
  • Enhance the role of HR Managers
  • Provide employees with real and tangible benefits
  • Build a stronger relationship between you and your workforce.

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